How to Fix Your Nikes--Alternative to Burning Them (cheap/easy DIY Fix)

Introduction: How to Fix Your Nikes--Alternative to Burning Them (cheap/easy DIY Fix)

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Hey guys!!! Hows it going?!?!?! Sooo here's the deal. I am a proud American and the whole Nike/Colin Kaepernick thing rubbed me the wrong way. I seriously felt like burning my shoes but I don't have a lotta money (and it's wasteful) so I instead decided to overlay the swoosh with some US flag duct tape. And it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Looks like they were bought that way.

Step 1: Watch the Video...

The video prob does the best job explaining the process but I'll give a step by step here in case I missed anything.

Step 2: Step-by-step

1. Photocopy your shoe -- this will allow you to trace out the swoosh with an exacto knife.

2. Get a clean piece of wood, wax paper, or in my case a paper plate.

3. Tear a piece of the Duck tape out the size of your swoosh and place it on the plate.

4. Tape your photocopied swoosh and tape it down over the piece you just put on the plate.

5. Cut it out.

6. Carefully lift the cut-out swoosh from the plate (or whatever you are using)

7. Carefully apply newly made swoosh over the swoosh on your shoe (it's kinda like putting a screen protector on your phone.

8. Apply some heat to help the tape adhesive to stick -- you could use an iron, torch, hair dryer, etc.

9. All done!

Step 3: All Done!

This mod is pretty cool and people seem pretty impressed that you could do that with duck tape. Anyway, thanks for readin'. Hope you enjoyed!

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    4 years ago

    Awesome!! I really wish I owned a pair of Nike shoes, so I could do this. Sadly, I don't currently have the funds, but when I do, I'll also be purchasing American flag duct tape!


    4 years ago

    Following is for noobs! Great job!