Introduction: How to Make Attractive DIY Display Art for Home Decoration?

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Have you ever thought of decorating your house with a beautiful display art without spending a single amount on it? Yes, this is possible using dried branches and various other things. The piece of art gives a marvelous look to the showcase.

So, let’s learn how to make this lovely Display Art.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Cardboards
  • Cardboard cello tape
  • Dry wooden sticks
  • White Thread
  • Acrylic colors (green and golden brown)
  • Artificial flowers and grass
  • Thermocol balls
  • Craft wire and pearls or beads
  • Glue, pencil, Divider,and cutter

Step 2: Let's Cut the Cardboard Circle!

Take a cardboard and draw a circle with radius 3.5inches. Cut it using a cutter

Step 3: Let's Cut the Cardboard Strips!

  • Now take cardboard strips one big and one small for covering the cardboard circle with it.
  • You can also use a single big strip for the same.
  • Apply some glue on the edge of the circular cardboard and stick the strips on it.

Step 4: Let's Stick the Cardboard Circles!

  • Now take a cardboard cello tape and another cardboard.
  • Draw a circle using the cello tape and cut it using a cutter.
  • Apply glue on the backside of the big circle and stick the cardboard cello tape on the center. Then stick the small circle on the cello tape cardboard using glue.

Step 5: Let's Arrange Dry Wooden Sticks & Color the Base!

  • Take some dry wooden sticks. Make a hole on the cello tape cardboard using the dry stick. Apply some glue and stick the dry wooden stick on it firmly.
  • Similarly, place another dry wooden stick on the opposite side. Now take the third dry wooden stick and place it on top of the two sticks joining them.
  • Take a small twig that would fit between two sticks and stick it on the bottom side leaving some space for thread to pass through.
  • Time to make the art piece colorful. Take some acrylic colors and a paint brush. Paint the dry wooden sticks or twigs in golden brown completely. Also, color the edge of the big cardboard with a similar color.
  • Now take some green acrylic color and color the circular base of the big cardboard with it. Color the edge of the small cardboard circle in green. While you color the small base of the cardboard with sticks in brown.

Step 6: Let's Paste the Dried Wooden Sticks!

  • Now take some dried wooden sticks or twigs and cut or trim them of the length of the big circle edges. Apply some glue and stick all the trimmed sticks on the edges forming a fence.

Step 7: Let's Arrange and Fix Thick Thread!

  • Take some thick thread and tie a knot on the top dry twig. Apply some glue on the knot to make it firm.
  • Bring the thread down and let it pass through the space between the small twig and the small base. From there, bring the thread upwards on the big twig.
  • Keep the thread rolling through both big and small twigs to form a thread net.

Step 8: Let's Decorate Using Artificial Grass!

  • For decorating the art piece, take some artificial grass and plants. Using some glue, stick the artificial grass on the big base on both the front and back side.
  • Now take some artificial flowers and stick them on the edge of the small base among the grass at a particular distance and some on the side sticks too.

Step 9: Let's Decorate Using Thermocol Balls!

  • For additional decoration, take some colorful thermocol balls. Combine many thermocol balls to form a fruit lump and stick the lump on the upper stick.

Step 10: Let's Fix Craft Wire and Beads!

  • Now take a craft wire and some beads. Take a pencil and wrap the craft wire to make a spring wire out of it. Make 8 such spring wires and stick them on the opposite side, lower side and top side of the thermocol ball lump.
  • Time to use the beads or pearls now. Apply glue in the hole on the pearl, and stick the pearls on the open end of the spring wire.
  • Again, take some thermocol balls and stick them randomly among the grass.

Step 11: Conclusion

Your decorative display art piece is completely ready to enhance the look of your showcases or tables too. You can choose thermocol balls of different or same color, as well as thread of your color too.