Introduction: How to Make Beyblades From Legos

Hi. Have you ever been bored before? If so, why don't you try making my Beyblade? It's pretty fun to play with. Here are 4 different types of Lego designs for Beyblades. Also this is for kids.


1. Legos

Step 1: First Beyblade: Easiest Beyblade Design

So this is the first Beyblade, which is easy to make. But since Legos have many different sizes and shapes, it'll be easier if you look at the pictures while you're making.

  1. Get a 2×2 brick as shown in the picture
  2. Get two 2×4 bricks and stick the 2×4 bricks together by attaching the 2×2 brick on top. It should look like the second picture.
  3. Stick two 2×4 bricks in the bottom of the of the 2×4 bricks from Step 2. It should look like a pyramid, like it's shown in the 3rd picture.
  4. Then put two 1×10 thin bricks on each of the bricks you placed from Step 3. You can check the 4th picture.
  5. We are almost at the end! Flip over the Beyblade and stick a 2×2 brick on the bottom middle (like the one you got in the beginning). It should look like the 5th picture.
  6. Finally, get a curved dome block and put it on the 2×2 brick on the bottom of the Beyblade. Check the 6th picture to know what kind of piece I'm talking about.
  7. You are officially done the first Beyblade!. You can try the other designs too. Also you can decorate your Beyblade, but don't decorate too much, or it'll be too heavy and it won't spin well.

Time for the next designs!

Step 2: Second Beyblade: Intermediate Level Beyblade Design

Now this is the second Beyblade design. For this, you need to get the first beyblade because in this design, we're making the first one even stronger.

  1. Bring your first Lego Beyblade design.
  2. Get a 2×6 flat brick and Place it under the 1x10 brick as shown in the first picture.
  3. Put two 2×2 brick on top of the brick you placed last step. Check the second picture.
  4. Put a 1x4 bridge shaped piece on top of a 2x6 flat piece and place it so that the flat piece attaches to the 2x2 bricks and the bridge shaped brick fits through the hole shown in picture 3.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 on the other side of the Beyblade and you're all done the second Beyblade design!

Step 3: 3rd Beyblade Hard Beyblade to Make

To make this Beyblade, you need to use the last one we made from before. Add two 1×4 hinge plate bricks and attach them on each side, one attaching onto the bottom left, and one attaching onto the top right. Use the second picture for reference. Then attach one 1×4 brick and a 1×1 brick, as shown in the third picture with a purple 1×1 brick and a red 1×4 brick.

Step 4: 4th Beyblade Difficult Beyblade

First, look at the video and try to attach as seen. Then take the piece you took out on the bottom(the piece with the orange, purple and green pieces in the video), and attach a circular brick as shown in the second picture in the middle of the Beyblade. Surround it by adding 1×4 bricks on the sides. The fourth picture can help you. There are two gaps near the green circle brick. Put the Beyblade launcher in those two gaps. so this was the last one so bye.

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