Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Thor's Mjölnir

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I'm going to teach you how to make Thor's mjölnir, follow me 😉



Step 1: The Frame

For the frame I used single corrugated cardboard, Pictured the shape I wanted my mjölnir to be then I got drawing and carving
I carved the original mjölnir shape twice,two rectangles(the middle) and something that looks like a polygon (I hope 🤣)

Step 2: The Body

I currently don't have pictures of the construction process but I basically just kinda wrapped the frame with cardboard to get the body

Step 3: Detailing

For the details I added a circle to the top , and I cut two long rectangles by the sides of the hole I left for the handle and the used a layer of corrugation to patch it up

Step 4: The Handle

The handle was quite simple
I just cut out a rectangle and folded it into a cylinder and then added up to 4 circles inside to make it rigid

Step 5: The Belt

For the belt I glued on a rectangular piece of cardboard (with 1 side off 😉)to the end of the handle

Step 6: Be Thor☄️🌩️🎺🔨

Have fun!!😁😁
Smash some cans😎🤓

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