Introduction: How to Make DIY Fish Shape Jewelry Organizer?

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Want to make something interesting today! How about a jewelry organizer with a unique shape! Yes, for organizing all your jewelry to wear on a regular basis, today we are going to make a fish shape jewelry organizer using old cardboards and other decorative accessories. You can make the organizer with the desired size as per your requirement. Again, the organizer can also be used for storing various makeup items like nail paints, pins, lip colors, kajal, etc. to keep important things handy.

Here are the quick process and list of things you need to have for making this fishy organizer.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Cardboard
  • Printed sheet
  • Color papers (3different colors)
  • Pencil and glue
  • Scissors and cutter

Step 2: Let's Draw Fish Shape!

  • Take a cardboard and make a diagram of a fish shape on it using a pencil.

Step 3: Let's Draw Inner Design on Fish!

  • Using a cutter, cut out the fish from the cardboard. Using a pencil, draw the inner border of the fish cardboard. Make two slant lines in the center too.

Step 4: Let's Cut Mount Board!

  • Now take a mount board and draw three different parts of the fish from it, that is the tail portion, the center with slant lines and the front mouth portion on it. Cut it using scissors or cutter.

Step 5: Let's Make Sides of Boxes!

  • Now cut out 1-inch strips from the mount board with similar curves to make the edge of the parts. Using glue, stick the strips on the mount board shapes firmly. Your three different fish organizers are ready.

Step 6: Let's Stick the Fish Shape!

  • Now take another cardboard and cut out the same size fish from it too. Stick both the cardboard fishes on each other using some glue.

Step 7: Let's Stick Printed Sheet on Fish!

  • Now apply some glue on the fish and stick a printed sheet on it. Cut out the remaining paper using scissors. Using some strips also cover the side borders of the fish cardboard.

Step 8: Let's Cover the Boxes Using Color Sheet!

  • Now take three different color sheets, and stick the sheets inside the cutout,3 organizers. Cover the outer border of the organizers using a similar printed sheet which you used for the fish.

Step 9: Stick All the Boxes!

  • When all the parts are covered properly, take the cardboard fish. Stick all the organizer pieces on the fish according to the shape.

Step 10: Conclusion

Your DIY fish shape jewelry organizer is ready to use. For further decoration, you can also use diamond beads, stones, etc. and stick them on the sides of the organizer. Apart from this, you can also make an opening to the organizer to keep your jewelry safe. Placing this organizer on the dressing table would help you make a quick move while dressing.