Introduction: How to Make DIY Mini Laptop Book Organizer?

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Do the costly laptops attract your toddlers? Or are you thinking of an innovative way to push your kids towards learning? Here is a solution to both issues. A mini laptop book with a pencil organizer that too without spending any huge amount.

Let’s learn how to make a DIY mini laptop book with pencil organizer at home.

Step 1: Things You Need to Make Organizer

  • Cardboards
  • Slate Chalkboard
  • 2 Hinges
  • Quilling strips
  • Pencil, scale,and marker
  • Cutter and scissors

Step 2: Let's Take Slate Chalkboard & Cardboard!

Excited to gift your adorable a wonderful mini laptop book with pencil organizer? Here is the process.

  • Firstly, take a slate chalkboard. Now to make the backside of the slate chalkboard, take cardboard with a size of 22x27cm and mark the edges of the slate on the cardboard.

Step 3: Let's Take Out a Layer of Cardboard!

  • Using a cutter, take out the outer layer of the cardboard from the center marked area.
  • Take some glue and apply it on the cut-out layer and stick the slate chalkboard on it.

Step 4: Let's Make Pencil Organizer!

  • Now take another cardboard with a size of 22x27cm and draw a box in it with measurements 21.5x12cms.
  • Now on one side of the drawn box, take a measurement of 5cm and draw a line diving the box. Now cut out the lines giving out two boxes.
  • Apply glue on the cutout cardboard sides and stick it on another cardboard with measurements of 22x27cms. Here you go, your pencil organizer is ready.

Step 5: Let's Make Opening and Closing the Mini Laptop Book!

  • Take door hinges and using a marker, make marks on both the pencil organizer chart and slate chart. Cut out the outer layer of the cardboard from the marked area. Apply glue on the cardboard and stick the hinges on them.
  • Similarly, take the pencil organizer cardboard and make similar markings of the hinges on it. Remove the outer layer on the marked portion and stick it with the hinges. This makes opening and closing the mini laptop book easy.

Step 6: Let's Cover the Cardboard!

  • Apply glue on the top of the mini laptop book and apply a color sheet on it.
  • Take some strips of the color sheet and stick them on the sides of the cardboard too.
  • Now take a printed sheet and cut a strip of the size of the pencil organizer cardboard in the inner side.
  • Cover the cardboard inner side properly using the printed sheet.

Step 7: Let's Cover the Slate Using the Quilling Strips!

  • Take some quilling strips and stick them on the sides of the slate, using glue properly.Also, stick the quilling strip on the partition line and sides of the pencil organizer too giving it a borderline.
  • Cover the sides of the slate too using the quilling strips and glue.

Step 8: Let's Decorate the Craft!

  • Time to decorate the top of the mini laptop book. Take two thin strips and stick them on two sides of the mini laptop book similar to a gift box.

Step 9: Conclusion

Your DIY mini laptop book with pencil organizer is all set to use. Simply place some colors and chalk pencils inside the pencil organizer and let your kid enjoy playing and learning new figures with it.