Introduction: How to Make DIY Nail Paint Stand Using Old CDs?

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Want to make your table clear and clean? Or are you looking for a stand to arrange the nail paints in your parlor? In this situation, most of the girls either use boxes the nail paints are delivered in or the nail paints are found here and there on the table or drawer. Here is the best way to keep all the nail paints at a single place without spending even a penny on any kind of stands.

Yes, with the help of old unwanted CDs and cardboard, today we shall learn how to make a nail paint stand with ease. So, let's begin with the steps.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Old unwanted CDs
  • Cardboard roll
  • Glitter paper
  • Plastic Lid
  • Beaded Lace
  • Pencil and glue
  • Scissors and cutter

Follow the steps below for making your stand.

Step 2: Let's Take Old CDs and Plastic Lid!

  • Take some old CDs and one plastic lid of any jar. You will also need a cardboard roll too. Take the cardboard roll and make a mark at 3 inches. Using a cutter, cut the roll at the marked part. Cut another such roll of 3 inches too.

Step 3: Let's Take Some Glitter Sheets!

  • Now take some glitter sheets. Take the plastic lid and make a circle on the sheet using pencil and cut using scissors. Apply glue on the sheet and stick it in the inner side of the lid.

Step 4: Let's Paste Cardboard Roll!

  • Now take the CD and place it inside the lid on the glitter sheet. Using a pencil, draw the circle in the CD. Now take the 3-inch roll and draw the circle on the CD’s circle using a pencil. Using a cutter, remove the glitter sheet from the circle drawn. Apply some glue on the place and stick the 3-inch roll over it.

Step 5: Let's Stick a Glitter Paper on Roll!

  • Apply glue on the roll and stick a glitter paper on it. Take glitter paper strips and stick it on the edges of the lid in the inner side. Bend the remaining edges of the paper on the outer side of the lid.
  • Take another glitter sheet strip and cover the outer edge of the plastic lid.

Step 6: Let's Cover CDs Using a Glitter Paper!

  • Take both the CDs and cover them using a glitter paper. Now take the plastic lid and stick some glue over the 3-inch roll. Stick one of the CDs over it. Place the other 3-inch roll over the CD and cover it using glitter paper.

Step 7: Let's Stick Last CD!

  • Now take the last CD and stick it on the 3-inch roll using glue. Your stand is ready.

Step 8: Let's Decorate the Stand!

  • Now let's decorate the stand. Take some fevibond and apply it on the edges of the CD. Stick the beaded lace on it. Similarly, stick the beaded lace on the other CD and the edge of the plastic lid too.
  • Finally, take lace and stick it on the base of the stand using some glue.

Step 9: Conclusion

Your simple, yet stylish nail paint stand is ready to store your nail paints on it. As it is easy to make, you can make as many as required. Along with nail paints, other makeup ingredients can also be stored to keep them handy. Happy making!