Introduction: How to Make DIY Nest Home Decor Using Plastic Ball?

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

Love to decorate your home with different decorative pieces? But when you can make one at home on your own, why go spend thousands on the pieces available in the market? Yes, by using the waste products at home, you can make adorable craft pieces that would add to your room decorations.

Today, let's learn how to make DIY nest craft with the help of plastic ball.

Step 1: Things You Need to Make Nest Craft

  • Plastic ball
  • 2 Ridge Guards
  • Thread and needle
  • Artificial birds, eggs and plants
  • Grain straw
  • Cutter and marker

Step 2: Let's Cut the Ball!

Follow the steps below to make the beautiful DIY nest craft.

Take a plastic ball of medium or big size. Now take a big cello tape roll and mark the outer border of the tape on the plastic ball using a marker on two opposite sides. Using a cutter, cut both the marked circles.

Step 3: Let's Give the Nest Look to the Ball!

  • Take two ridge guards and peel off the fiber from it.
  • Cut the inner shredded part into small to medium pieces and part them into the singlenet-like materials.
  • Apply glue on the ridge guard and stick them on the plastic ball covering it totally from every side.
  • Stick some on the borders of the circles to give a perfect look to the nest.
  • Also, make a conical shape piece using the peeled ridge guards.

Step 4: Let's Make Hanging for Nest!

  • Take a knife and make a hole with it on the upper side of the nest.
  • Take a needle and thread and insert it first in the conical shape ridge guard from the center, and insert one end of the thread inside the hole made in the nest ball while the other end shall remain on the top of the conical shape to be used for hanging the nest. When through, make a knot inside firmly.
  • Pull out the thread and apply some glue on the conically shaped ridge guard and stick it firmly on the nest to give it a hanging look.

Step 5: Let’s Decorate the Nest!

  • Now let’s decorate the nest from inside.Take some grain straw and place it inside the nest. Along with the grain straw, place some artificial plant and stick it on the opening of the nest using some glue.
  • Now take some artificial eggs and birds. Stick the eggs inside the nest using some glue. Take the artificial birds and stick one or two inside the nest or on the nest opening, while another four artificial birds on the nest for decorative purpose.

Step 6: Conclusion

Isn’t it looking beautiful! Hang it inside your house, near the windows, in the garden areas, balconies, etc. and add some beauty to your decorations.