Introduction: How to Make DIY Purse From Plastic Bottle?

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Love to own a fancy purse? But don’t want to spend more on those available in the market? Here is a quick solution for all your worries. Through the best out of the waste technique, you can easily make a purse with the unwanted plastic bottles. Yes, with the help of a plastic bottle and some other decorative items, it is possible to make adorable purses that would add to your stylish collection.

Here is the process of making this beautiful purse using a plastic bottle.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 1 Plastic Bottle
  • Cardboard
  • Glitter sheets and flat sheet
  • Denim cloth piece
  • Jute cloth
  • Buttons and bead
  • Velcro and cello tape
  • Cutter, knife,and glue
  • Pencil and pointer

Step 2: Let's Take a Plastic Bottle!

  • Take a plastic bottle round in shape. Cut the lower end and the upper end of the bottle. This would give you the middle portion of the plastic bottle

Step 3: Let's Cut Two Cardboard Circles!

  • Take cardboard, pointer,and pencil. Make two circles with radius 1.5 inches on the cardboard. Cut them using a cutter.

Step 4: Let's Cut Plastic Bottle!

  • Take the plastic bottle, flatten it on one side and cut it out using a cutter. Straighten the plastic bottle and using a marker and scale, make a mark on it. Cut out the portion using a cutter.

Step 5: Let's Stick the Cut Out Plastic Pieces!

  • Stick the cut out plastic pieces using cello tape. Take the circular cardboard and apply glue on half of the edges of the cardboard. Don’t stick the cello tape opening on the cardboard to form an opening for the purse.

Step 6: Let's Take Glitter Sheets!

  • Now take three different glitter sheets of different colors. Take a flat sheet too. Apply glue in the inner side of the purse and stick the flat sheet inside it. Also, stick the flat sheet on the opening of the purse.

Step 7: Let's Paste Glitter Sheets!

  • Take the glitter sheets and cut out a circular radius of 1.5 inches from it. Stick the glitter sheet inside the purse.

Step 8: Let's Cover the Entire Purse!

  • Now take glitter sheets and make 1-inch strips out of it. Apply glue on the outer side of the purse and stick the strips on it. Use two different colors for decorating the outer side. Cover the entire purse from the outer side.

Step 9: Let's Take a Denim Piece of Cloth!

  • Now take a denim piece of cloth. Cut out two strips of an inch, apply glue in the inner side of the cloth and fold the ends in the inner side. This would give you two strips of denim.
  • Fold the strip and cut it into half. Apply glue on one end of the strips and stick it on the opening of the purse to give it an opening. Take a final glitter sheet and stick it on the denim strips to cover them half.

Step 10: Let's Stick the Velcro!

  • Now close the purse and mark the strips on the closing end of the purse. Using a cutter, cut out the glitter sheet on the marked portion. Cut out Velcro in similar shapes and stick them in the place of the cut-out glitter sheets. Stick the other end of the Velcro on the denim strips.

Step 11: Let's Paste Circular Shapes Glitter Sheets!

  • Now take two glitter sheets in circular shapes with radius 1.5 inches and stick them on the outer sides of the purse.

Step 12: Let's Take a Jute Cloth & Fix It !

  • Take a jute cloth and cut a strip of 1 inch from it to make the handle of the purse. Apply glue on the strip and fold the sides of the cloth to bind them. Using a knife or cutter, make a small cut on the outer sides glitter sheets and insert the ends of the jute cloth inside them. Apply some glue to stick them firmly. Fix it properly.

Step 13: Let's Decorate the Purse!

  • Finally, to decorate the purse, take lace and stick it on the borders of the purse. Cover both the circular sides and the closing of the purse too. Take two buttons and a stone. Stick the buttons on the denim strips while the stone on the opening of the purse.

Step 14: Conclusion

Your cute tiny purse is ready to use. This kind of purses also sounds to be the best gifts to the small girls who love carrying purses like their mothers. They are also used for storing small things while going out like jewelry, accessories, coins, money, makeup items, etc. So, how are you going to make your own tiny purse?