Introduction: How to Make DIY Purse Using a Plastic Cream Bottle?

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What kind of purses have you used? Leather purses, cotton purses, jeans purses… Have you tried using any plastic purse? Yes, I am talking about a purse made out of a plastic cream bottle.

This is today’s DIY craft. Instead of throwing the cream bottles, let's make out a purse which can be used in various ways.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 1 Nivea cream plastic bottle
  • Cardboard
  • Glitter sheets
  • Felt sheets
  • Rubber band, metal wire and bead
  • Stone
  • Cutter, marker and scale

Step 2: Let's Cut the Bottle!

  • Take a Nivea cream plastic bottle and make a marking at the bottom of the bottle as well as on the neckline of the bottle. Cut out the marked parts using a cutter. This gives you a cylindrical portion for the purse.

Step 3: Let's Cut the Cardboard!

  • Now take cardboard and mark the lower and upper portion of the bottle on the cardboard. Cut out two oval cardboards using a cutter.

Step 4: Let's Fix the Bottle Pieces!

  • Now take a cutter and cut the cylindrical bottle from one of the sides opening the bottle. Take a cello tape and stick the cut out ends with each other at an inch difference.
  • Take a marker and mark a straight line on the opposite side of the cello tape portion. Cut it out using a cutter. This would divide your bottle into two pieces, of which one side would be attached using a cello tape.

Step 5: Let's Cover the Craft With Glitter Sheet!

  • Now take some glitter sheets and felt sheets. Using the felt sheet, cover the inner side of the bottle using some glue on both sides. Keep it aside. Now take the oval cardboards and stick the felt sheet on one side of the cardboard too.
  • Now apply some glue on the outer side of the plastic bottle and stick the glitter paper on it.

Step 6: Let's Cover the Edges!

  • Take another glitter paper and cut out small strips out of it with equal width the purse is using a cutter. Stick the strips on the edges of the purse using glue. Now stick the remaining strips on the outer side of the purse to decorate it at equal distance.

Step 7: Let's Cover the Cardboard!

  • Place some glue on the side of the purse and stick one oval cardboard on it. Similarly, stick the other oval cardboard on the other side of the purse. Your purse is ready.
  • Now take some glitter sheet strips again and stick on the side edges to cover the oval cardboard with it.

Step 8: Let's Decorate the Craft!

  • Now take a rubber band, a metal wire,and a bead. Using scissors, make a hole on the upper side of the purse. Through the whole, send the rubber band leaving the bead inside the purse to make a button with the rubber.
  • Make another hole on the lower side of the purse using scissors. Take the metal wire and insert the bead in it.
  • Let the metal wire through the hole on the lower side and make a knot of it to make the bead firm. Lastly, take a stone and stick it on the upper side of the purse, right above the rubber.

Step 9: Conclusion

Your glittering mini plastic purse is completely ready to use. So, how have you made and designed your mini plastic purse?