Introduction: How to Make DIY Specs & Mobile Holder From Jute and Cardboard?

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Want to decorate your table with an organizer? Here is an amazing organizer that would help you store all your required belongings and mobiles too, which you can make at your own. Made out of jute and cardboard, it can be made without any kind of additional expenses.

Let’s check out how you can make this DIY specs and mobile holder at home.

Step 1: Things You Need to Make Specs & Mobile Holder

  • Cardboard
  • Jute material
  • Mount board
  • Pencil, marker, scale, cutter and scissors
  • Bottle neck

Step 2: Let’s Take Cardboard & Jute!

Are you looking for steps to make this beautiful DIY organizer from jute and cardboard? Here they are.

  • Take a cardboard and cut out 3 cardboard squares with measurement 10.5x12cms and 4 cardboard strips of measurement 2.5x6cms using a cardboard, pencil and scale. Similarly, cut out jute square and strip of similar sizes too.

Step 3: Let’s Cover the Cardboard With Jute!

  • Now take one of the cardboard squares and apply glue on one of the sides. Place one of the jute squares on the cardboard and cover the rest of the side and the borders using the jute material. Similarly, cover all the cardboard squares using jute.
  • Take the cardboard strips and cover them with jute strips too just as you have covered the cardboard squares.
  • Now take one of the cardboard squares and stick one strip on the bottom side of the cardboard square using glue. Stick another strip of cardboard on the opposite side or opposite end of the cardboard.
  • Now place some glue on the open side of the strips and place another square cardboard on it too forming a box like look. Again, take another two strips and place it on the ends of the cardboard square.
  • Apply glue again on the open ends of the strips and place the remaining square cardboard on it. In this way, the box is ready with two pockets.

Step 4: Let’s Decorate the Box!

  • To decorate the box, take a bottle cap and stick it on the upper side of the organizer.
  • Take a lace and cover the bottle cap with the lace using glue till the end of the bottle cap.
  • Cut another cardboard with measurements of 10.5x12cms and stick jute on it too.
  • When the cardboard is well covered with jute, cover the bottom of the organizer with the cardboard using glue.

Step 5: Let’s Make Eyes!

  • Take a piece of mount board and draw eyes on it.
  • Color the mount board using a marker giving the eyes proper look.
  • Cut out two eyes similarly from the mount board.
  • Apply glue on the mount board eyes and stick them on the front side of the organizer beside the bottle neck nose.
  • Take an eye glasses and place them on the stick eyes.

Step 6: Conclusion

Your organizer or DIY specs and mobile holder is all set to use. You can also avoid placing the specs on the eyes if you want. Similarly, you can go with floral decorations or any other decorative ideas for making your organizer more interesting. So, how have you decorated your organizer? Show us in the comments below.