Introduction: How to Make DIY Storage Organizer From Cardboard?

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Looking for new ideas to make something useful out of unwanted cardboards? You are at the right place. Today, we are going to learn how to make a storage organizer with the help of unwanted cardboards which would help in storing various things at one place. The craft is easy and quick to make which means it wouldn’t consume much time too.

So, let’s begin with the process of making an adorable cardboard storage organizer.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Cardboard
  • Printed paper
  • Glue, pencil,and scale
  • Cutter and scissors

Have all the things ready on your desk? Here is the further process you need to carry out.

Step 2: Let's Cut the Cardboard!

  • Take cardboard firstly and cut out pieces with measurements 10 x 5 cm, 10 x 8 cm, 10 x 12 cm, 10 x 15 cm, and lastly two pieces of 10 x 18 cm. Use a cutter for accuracy.

Step 3: Let's Warp Cardboard Pieces!

  • Now take a printed sheet and wrap all the cardboard pieces with it using some glue. Wrap properly from all the sides for complete finishing.

Step 4: Let's Cut Small Pieces of Cardboard!

  • Again, take cardboard and cut out strips measuring 11 x 3.5 cm and 6 x 3 cm out of it. Cut one of the lower sides a slant cut. Take a printed sheet and cover the strips similarly using some glue.

Step 5: Let's Stick All the Cardboards!

  • Now take one of the 10 x 18 cm sheet and use it as a base. On it, stick all the cardboards from bigger to smaller sizes for a slant look.

Step 6: Let's Paste Small Strips!

  • Take the small strips and apply glue on three sides and stick it properly in between the cardboard sheets to form different drawers. Give the cardboard strips a slant looks by sticking them in a slant position.

Step 7: Conclusion

Your adorable storage organizer is ready for multiple uses. Isn’t it too quick to make! You can further add other accessories if you want to decorate it more. Instead of printed sheets, you can also go for plain flat sheets or glitter ones as per your choice. Such storage organizers are widely used for storing pens, papers, scissors, mobile, etc. on the desk for a managed and clear look.

Have you made your storage organizer? Let us know how it looks below.