Introduction: How to Make DIY Wall Hanging With Old CD and Wool?

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Decorating homes is among the hobbies of various women. And wall decoration is the prime thing they would go for when they would begin with decorations. But what else can you add to the wall décor apart from pictures and different frames?

Today, we shall learn how to decorate the walls with Wall hanging pieces using old CD and wool.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Bangle
  • Old CD
  • Woolen threads
  • Beads and bead lace
  • Shining lace
  • Fabric glue and knife

Step 2: Let’s Take Old Bangle & Woolen!

Here are the simple steps for making this handmade wall hanging the piece.

  • Take an old bangle and woolen thread of your favorite color. Wrap the woolen thread around the bangle in a crossway to cover the entire bangle. When the entire bangle is wrapped, the bangle would give a floral like look.
  • With the help of thread and needle, tie a knot in the center to keep the threads locked properly.
  • Now using a knife, cut out the thread on the bangle by rubbing the knife on the bangle. In this way, you would get a fluffy woolen thread charm.

Step 3: Let’s Decorate the Craft!

  • Take a bead and a beaded lace. Stick the bead in the center of the woolen charm using fabric glue and surround it with bead lace by sticking it too.

Step 4: Let’s Make Another Design With Another CD!

  • Secondly, take an old CD and another woolen thread. Wrap the woolen thread from the center to the edge for making a knot. Then wrap the woolen thread similarly as you wrapped the bangle forming a floral design. Do not cut the end of the thread.

Step 5: Let’s Make Floral Pattern!

  • Take a needle and thread and make a knot in the center of the CD to lock the floral pattern. Again, take a knife and cut the thread from the edge of the CD by rubbing the knife on the edge of the CD. Another big fluffy charm is ready.
  • Take the small fluffy wooden charm and stick on the center of the big fluffy charm using fabric glue.
  • Make 3 similar charms using bangle and CD with the help of different woolen threads. Make sure you attach a bead and bead lace similar to the first one.

Step 6: Let’s Decorate With Shining Lace!

  • Now take a shining lace and stick one of the big charms on the end of the lace using fabric glue.
  • Stick the remaining two charms on the lace using fabric glue at proper distances.
  • Stick the second edge of the lace over each other to form a hook for hanging.

Step 7: Let’s Make Hanging Tassels!

  • Take some woolen thread and using your first finger and thumb wrap the thread. When some rounds are wrapped, make a knot on the finger side covering the entire thread bundle. Cut the edges from below. This would make two hanging tassels.
  • Take another golden lace and stick the end on the tassels. Tie the golden thread over the tassels to tie them as one. When properly wrapped and tied, stick the hanging tassels on the end of the lace on which the circular charms were stuck.

Step 8: Conclusion

Your wall hanging a charm or decorative piece is completely ready to be used. You can make more charms as per the length you want to have for the hanging wall piece.