Introduction: How to Make Easy Christmas DIY Accordion Paper Gift Basket?

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Have you ever admired small paper baskets in the stores!!

Well these baskets look attractive and are perfect as gifting options. Also, you can add few chocolates or small gifts and enhance its value.

Have you ever wondered that you can make these paper baskets at home easily? Here we bring to you an attractive DIY accordion paper basket. An accordion is nothing but a design similar to the Chinese fan.

The below craft is simple but it is a true display of creativity and you can make as many as you can to serve as an ideal Gift for Christmas.

Step 1: Things Needed for Making Paper Accordion Gift Basket

  • Cardboard
  • Colour papers
  • Golden pearls
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Decorative pearls
  • White paper

Step 2: Let's Make Accordion!

  • Take a pink sheet and from the centre make a fold dividing the sheet into equal halves.
  • Cut the sheet from the folded area and similarly cut 6 pieces for the basket.
  • Now take each sheet and form an accordion, you just need to fold the sheet into small folds in opposite direction similar to the making of paper Chinese fan.
  • We will require 6 such paper pieces in the form of accordion.
  • Join the ends of the accordion pieces using glue.
  • Apply glue and join the ends of the accordion in the shape of a circle.

Step 3: Let's Make a Base of the Basket!

  • Draw a circle on a cardboard using a pencil and cut the circle.
  • Take the pink sheet and cut a circle of the dimension double the size to the cardboard one.
  • Cut small strips of the pink sheet from the outer edges till the centre.
  • Paste the pink sheet on the cardboard. The cut out pink strips can be pasted on the back of the cardboard circle to cover the same.
  • Use your hands to give the design the shape of a basket.
  • Stick the paper basket on circular cardboard piece to make it stand like a basket.

Step 4: Let's Make Handle of the Basket!

  • The basket needs a handle and for that take a strip of cardboard of 2cm dimension.
  • We need 2 strips of pink colour each having 2 cm diameters each.
  • Paste the 2 strips together and cover the cardboard strip completely with the pink strip.
  • Take another colour strip and cover the inner surface of the basket handle.
  • Stick the same colour handle to the basket edges.

Step 5: Let's Make the Decorative Flowers!

  • To prepare the DIY Decorative Flowers, on a white sheet take the measurement as 4.5 cm and cut the same.
  • Similarly, again take measurement 5.5 cm dimension on the same white sheet and cut it.
  • We therefore need to prepare 2 different shape flowers.
  • We need 9 flowers each of both the dimension.
  • Mark the centre of the pieces and fold it 2 times from the centre.
  • Then fold the piece in the shape of a triangle.
  • Draw a leaf shape design and cut the design.
  • When you open the folded pieces, you will get the shape of a flower.
  • Paste the larger flowers towards the base of the basket and near the handle of the basket.
  • Similarly, take few flowers and fold it again into 2 halves. These flowers can be used to decorate the base of the basket.

Step 6: Finally, Let's Decorate the Basket!

  • Now, decorate the flowers and basket using decorative pearls.

  • Take pink colour decorative pearls and stick it to the flowers.

  • Stick both the golden and decorative pearls on the inner and outer side to form a nice Decorative Basket.

Step 7: Now, Your Beautiful Basket Is Ready for Christmas!

Your DIY Christmas Basket is now ready to use. These small Christmas Baskets can be used as a gift to surprise the kids.

Just keep few Christmas Decorating Stuff and present the same to your loved one. Your friends and relatives will definitely love the beautiful Accordion Christmas Baskets. Happy crafting!!