Introduction: How to Make Faux Stained Glass

This is Faux Stained Glass. Faux means fake, but it looks so real! I hope you have fun making this project as I did. This is a good gift for a family member too, so if you're wondering what to get them, I recommend making this!


Food Coloring,

Bottle Of Clear Glue

Paint Pallet

Picture Frame With Glass

Dimensional Fabric Paint

Paint Brush

Paper Towel

Water Cup



Step 1: Drawing Your Design

Take out a pencil, and draw geometrical shapes all around your paper.

Step 2: Removing the Glass

Very carefully pull up the little bars on the sides of the back of your picture frame. Once all of them are pulled up, remove the glass from the frame. Make sure to keep the frame though!

Step 3: Aligning the Glass

Align the glass to the piece of paper you've drawn on, use tape on the edges if needed.

Step 4: Copying the Design

Take out your black Dimensional Fabric Paint, and copy the design on your paper, but on the glass. To draw with it, just remove the cap, and squeeze out the paint like a marker.

Step 5: Drying

Once you've finished copying the design, place your glass on a table, and wait 3-5 hours for it to dry. If you don't want to wait for it to dry, you may still paint it, but be careful to paint around the Dimension Fabric Paint.

Step 6: Creating the Paint (Pt. 1)

Take out a paint pallet and pour glue into each of the holes. Be careful to not let it overflow!

Step 7: Creating the Paint (Pt. 2)

Put drops of different colored food coloring into each hole. Only do one drop per hole. If you are using yellow, pour 1 or 2 extra drops. If you're using yellow and light green, pour 1 or 2 extra drops of green too. Once you finished using the food coloring, mix the colors in with a paintbrush. Make sure to dip your paintbrush in water and wipe it on a paper towel between colors.

Step 8: Painting the Glass

You may now start to paint your colors onto your glass. Paint as if you were using watercolor. Dip your paintbrush in water, and wipe it on a paper towel between colors.

Step 9: Drying

Once you've finished painting your glass, wait for about 1 hour for it to dry. Again, you don't have to wait for it to dry, but it'll be easier on you if you do.

Step 10: Placing Your Picture Into the Frame

Take out the frame you used earlier, and place your glass into it. Make sure you place the side with all of the paint on the back of the frame. Now, put the bars on the side of the frame down to hold in the glass.

Step 11: Placing Your Stained Glass

For the last step, take your masterpiece, and place it near a window. The colors will really shine!

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