Introduction: How to Make Flower Vase From Old Plastic Bottles?

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Love to decorate your house with different flowers? Be it offices, homes, hotels, or even exhibitions, flower vases are the most selected option to bring flowers for the decoration on the occasion. But why look for costly flower vases in the market when you can make one on your own at your place!

Today let's make a flower vase from old plastic bottles and ice cream cups that are usually throw away.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Old plastic bottle
  • 1 small ice cream cup
  • 1 big ice cream cup
  • 3 different color woolen threads
  • Lace
  • Craft mirrors
  • Bead lace and pearl lace
  • Glue

Step 2: Let's Take Plastic Bottle!

Let’s begin the process of making this wonderful flower vase.

  • Take an old waste plastic bottle and 2 ice cream cups one big and one small.
  • Apply some glue on the old plastic bottle, and stick it on the base of the small ice cream cup on the back-side bottom.

Step 3: Let's Take Big Ice Cream Cup!

  • Take the big ice cream cup and cut out the base of the cup using a cutter. Apply proper glue on the base end and stick it on the top of the plastic bottle. Your flower vase base is ready.

Step 4: Lets Decorate the Flower Vase Using Woolen Thread!

  • Now time to decorate the flower vase. For decorating, take 3 different color woolen threads. Apply glue on the lower ice cream cup and stick one of the threads on it covering the entire cup. Don’t apply glue on the entire cup at once, make small portions and stick woolen threads accordingly.
  • Now take another woolen thread color and stick it on the middle portion of the flower vase similar as you did on the lower ice cream cup.
  • Finally, take the third woolen thread and cover the top portion of the flower vase. For this also, stick glue and cover the ice cream cup using woolen thread.

Step 5: Lets Decorate the Flower Vase Using Lace & Mirrors!

  • Now take lace and stick it on the top and bottom edges of the flower vase using some glue.
  • Using some round craft mirrors, decorate the center portion of the vase by sticking them at a particular distance. Surround the mirrors using some bead lace and glue.
  • Similarly, take some oval craft mirrors and stick them on the top of the flower vase. Remember to surround the mirrors with bead lace as you did before.

Step 6: Lets Decorate the Flower Vase Using Pearl Lace!

  • Now decorate the lower border of the vase by sticking some pearl lace on it using glue. Similarly, cover both the joints of the cups and bottle where the thread color changes using the pearl lace. Finally, stick the pearl lace on the top border of the vase too.

Step 7: Conclusion

Your lovely flower vase is all set to decorate your rooms with different flowers in it. While decorating the vase, you can also use your own ideas for designing the vase with different craft items like beads, shells, laces, etc.

So, what flowers are you going to place in the flower vase made by you at home?