Introduction: How to Make Flower Vase Using Peepal Leaves and Plastic Bottle?

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Want to make a unique flower vase with best out of waste ideas? Have you tried making a flower vase with Peepal leaves? Yes, with the help of a plastic bottle and some Peepal leaves, we shall learn how to make a flower vase to boost the décor of your rooms. The craft is quite easy to make which makes it favorable for instant decorations.

So, let's start the process of making this beautiful flower vase.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 1 Plastic bottle
  • Peepal leaves
  • Thick thread
  • Acrylic colors
  • Marker and cutter
  • Glue

After getting all the things you need, here is what you have to do next.

Step 2: Let's a Plastic Bottle!

  • Take a plastic bottle and remove all the wrapped papers and stickers on it. Using a marker, draw a line at the base of the bottle and cut it using a cutter.

Step 3: Let's Take Some Peepal Leaves!

  • Take some peepal leaves. Try to get small and tender ones. Using some glue, stick the peepal leaves on the bottle. Firstly, start from the base of the bottle. Join beside each other for total coverage. Then stick leaves from the top side in upside down position. Cover the bottle similarly.

Step 4: Let's Stick a Thread!

  • Apply some glue on the edge of the bottle top and stick a thick thread on it. Make 6 to 7 layers while sticking the thread. Similarly, make 5 to 6 layers of thread on the bottom of the bottle too.

Step 5: Let's Color the Flower Vase!

  • For coloring the flower vase, take some acrylic colors and a paint brush. Color the peepal leaves properly first. Then after, give the edges of the leaves a shading with a different color. Also, give proper border to the leaves.

Step 6: Let's Give It a Finishing Look!

  • Take another acrylic color and color the threads using it. Also, give the threads some shading with dual colors for a finishing look.

Step 7: Conclusion

A decorative piece of a flower vase is all set to use. This lovely craft gives you the opportunity to reveal your painting skills by giving the vase different shades. Again, you can add additional decorations to the vase if you want to give it a designer touch. What are your ideas for decorating this beautiful craft? Don’t forget to write to us.