Introduction: How to Make Mini Squishy Cakes Out of Makeup Sponges

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I have always loved watching the people who take broken, dirty, or just ugly squishies and make them into a work of art. And one day I decided to try it out. I used makeup sponges and turned them into cute, little squishy cakes. Here is how you can make your own little cakes.

Step 1: Supplies

For this craft, you will need:

UNUSED triangle makeup sponges (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
A paint brush and tan FABRIC paint (Make sure it is fabric paint, not acrylic paint)
The rainbow of Puffy Paint or Slick Fabric Paint (they are pretty much the same thing)
Plastic sprinkles or foam beads or anything else to top the cakes (optional)

Step 2: Paint Them

First, paint the bottom and sides of each makeup sponge with the light tan fabric paint. Let them dry completely.

Step 3: Time to Ice!!!

Take your cakes and flip them over so that the part that is painted is on the bottom and the top is white. Use your puffy or slick paint and put a thick layer on the top and back. Add some drips. If desired, add some sprinkles. Let them dry over night. Enjoy!!

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