Introduction: How to Make Paper Purse Using Waste Tea Box?

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Making something from waste products is a great idea of recycling them and making a useful thing out of it. This not only reveals your creativity but also allows you to save some money by avoiding the costly things in the market. Today, here is a similar concept of making a paper purse out of the waste tea box. The paper purse is quite easy to make and hence, it can be made instantly for emergencies. Again, it comes with a simple outlook which requires less decoration too.

So, are you ready to make out a cute paper purse out of tea box? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Empty Tea Box
  • Color Sheets
  • Printed sheets
  • Velcro
  • Stone lace
  • Cutter, scissors,and glue

Follow these steps to an adorable paper purse.

Step 2: Take an Empty Tea Box!

  • First of all, take an empty tea box. From the front and sides, cut the box into half leaving the back portion as it is. Now give the box a slight bent from the sides in the inner side.

Step 3: Let's Cut It!

  • Bend the back side to the front to form the opening of the purse. Cut the opening side into half and cut the cornersin slant to give it a unique design. When closed the purse gives a triangular shape from the sides.

Step 4: Let's Paste Color Sheet!

  • Now take a color sheet. Cover the entire box from inside. Fold the remaining color papers outside for proper finishing.

Step 5: Let's Wrap Sides of the Purse!

  • Now take another color sheet. Cut it into a thick strip and stick it on the sides of the purse. Also, cover the base of the purse. Take the printed sheet again and cover the purse or box from the front and back side. Cut a strip from the color sheet you have used in the sides and use it as an outline for the opening of the purse.

Step 6: Let's Fix Velcro!

  • Take a Velcro and stick it on the opening and front of the purse for a proper opening.

Step 7: Let's Decorate the Purse!

  • For decorating the purse, take a stone lace with dual stones. Stick the stone lace on the border of the opening using some glue.

Step 8: Conclusion

Your tiny little purse is ready to use. The paper purse is the best option to go with for giving gifts or return gifts to your loved ones. Again, you can also add a handle to the purse for a fancy look. The purse is an ideal one to travel with while you store your makeup ingredients and creams in it. So, how have you designed your paper purse? Let us know in the comments below.