Introduction: How to Make Riveted Bangle Bracelets - Step by Step Jewelry Making Video Tutorial

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In this quick and easy class, instructor Lisa Niven Kelly shows you how to create your very own bracelet bangles. You will learn to measure, forge, shape, and rivet together these fashionable bangles. Once you make one, you'll want to make a million! This class is great for beginners. This class has a run time of 19 minutes.

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Find everything you need for this project here:

Chain Nose Pliers or Flat Nose Pliers

Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers

Tronex Razor Flush Cutter, Extra Lrg Oval Head, #5613

Heavy-Duty Flush Cutter

Chasing Hammer

Coarse File Set with Handle

Wet/Dry Sanding Paper Mixed Grit Pack 4" x 4" Steel Bench Block

Sterling Silver Nail Head 1/20" Rivets, 1/4" Long, Pk 20 - or other Nail Head Rivets

14g Sterling Silver, Round, Dead Soft Wire -1/2 oz (~2.35 ft) - or other 14 Gauge Wire


Round Face Riveting Hammer Table Vise