Introduction: How to Make Spiced Salt

In this instructable I will explain how to make spiced salt which can be used in Ayurvedic preparations and Home-made concoctions like Lemon Tea, Hibiscus tea, Grass Juice and even in normal food items

Step 1: What You Need

  • One cup of normal sea salt
  • One teaspoon of Black Pepper
  • Few Cinnamon sticks
  • One piece of Star Anise
  • Few pieces of Cloves

Step 2: Dry-fry the Ingredients

  • In a frying pan Dry-fry salt and other ingredients separately.
  • When the salt starts to crackle, remove from the pan.
  • All other ingredients can be dry-fried till all moisture content is removed from them
  • Keep all ingredients open so that they cool down to room temperature

Step 3: Grind to a Fine Powder

  • When all the dry-fried ingredients are cooled to normal temperature, transfer them together to a mixer grinder and grind to a fine powder

Step 4: Store and Use

  • Remove the grind spiced salt from the grinder and store it in an air-tight container

You can use this spiced salt with Lemon tea, Hibiscus tea, Grass Juice, even with Egg Omelette and any other Ayurvedic concoctions which requires use of salt

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