Introduction: How to Make Wall Hanging Craft From Bangles and Matchboxes?

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Having many unwanted bangles and empty matchboxes at your place? Do you know it can be used for making a wall hanging decoration craft? Yes, this is true. This is among the various creative crafts you might have gone through in your school days. Quite easy to make, this colorful wall hanging craft design can be used to design your hall or room walls as well as the window sides too.

So, gather some matchboxes and bangles to make this wonderful craft idea.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Unwanted bangles
  • Matchboxes
  • Glitter sheets
  • Craft mirrors
  • Beaded lace and stone lace
  • Pointer, glue, marker,and scale

So, ready with all you need? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 2: Let's Take Empty Matchboxes!

  • Take around 10 empty matchboxes and 9 number of bangles too. Take a matchbox and mark around half an inch using a marker. Cut the marked line with a cutter. Remove the inner part of the cut matchbox and fix it inside the other part. This gives you a square matchbox. Continue a similar process with other matchboxes too.

Step 3: Let's Wrap the Bangles!

  • Now take glitter sheets in 4 different colors. Cut out strips from the glitter sheets and wrap it around the bangles to cover them. Use glue to stick the sheet properly.

Step 4: Let's Wrap the Matchboxes!

  • Again, take glitter sheets in two different colors. Cover the matchbox using the glitter sheet from all the sides. Use strips to cover the sides of the box properly.

Step 5: Let's Decorate the Matchboxes!

  • For decorating the matchboxes, take craft mirrors and stick them on the center of the matchbox using glue. Then take the beaded lace and surround the mirrors with the beaded lace. Again, for further decoration, take stone lace with dual stones and stick it on the borders of the matchboxes.

Step 6: Let's Make a Hole on the Matchbox!

  • Now take a pointer and make a hole on the matchbox such that it gives a diamond shape look when hanged. Apply some glue on the hole and enter the beaded lace in it to stick it firmly. Leave some lace on the outer side for hanging it.Similarly, design all the matchboxes with beaded lace through holes.

Step 7: Let's Arrange & Fix the Bangles!

  • Now take the bangles, place one in the center and stick the rest around it to form a flower-likea look. Take some glitter sheet strips and stick it to the bangles to join them properly. Place one bangle on the top of the flower and one on the bottom and cover the joints similarly using a glitter strip.

Step 8: Let's Stick the Beaded Lace on the Bangles!

  • Now take the matchboxes and stick the beaded lace on the bangles such that it comes in the center of every bangle.

Step 9: Let's Give It a Hanging!

  • Finally, take a beaded lace and stick it on the topmost bangle to give it a hanging.

Step 10: Conclusion

  • So, isn’t it a wonderful way to use bangles and matchboxes for decorating the walls? You can add your favorite colors to the charm to make it additionally colorful. So, gather all the matchboxes and make yourself a wall hanging craft and enhance the look of your room with it.