Introduction: How to Make a Colourful Scrapbook

I really needed a handy Scrapbook to keep notes of my projects and ideas. Having the Scrapbook with pages of different colors will help me in organising my projects, but I could not find one in the market. So, I have decided to make the Scrapbook with different colored craft paper.

The Scrapbook you see above is the outcome of my work. Please go through the instructable to see how you can make a colourful Scrapbook with plastic sheet covers and spiral-bound with copper wire

Step 1: Cut Papers

  • I have taken 5 pieces of A4 sheets in different colors. Cut into half these papers will give me 20 pages of Scrapbook
  • Folded the papers in half individually and cut them with a craft knife
  • Now I have 10 sheets of colored papers for my Scrapbook

Step 2: Cover for the Scrapbook

  • I have found one blue colored plastic sheet of A4 size used in one spiral-bound note book and I recovered it from that
  • After trimming the holed portion and cutting it in half provided a suitable cover for my scrapbook, but the papers need to be cut a little to suit the cover.
  • So I have trimmed all the papers and placed inside the plastic covers

Step 3: Drilling Holes for Spiral Binding

Now I need to bind all these pages with the cover to make like a book

  • All the pages have been aligned properly and I have clamped them in place using hairpins
  • At the other end I have marked a line at about 5 mm distance from the edge. We will drill holes along the marked line at 5 mm distance for spiral binding.
  • My Brother helped me in drilling holes.
  • First, the clamped pages were placed on a small piece of plywood.
  • Then using a Dremel Rotary tool, small holes have been drilled at 5 mm distance between them along the marked line

Step 4: Spiral-bind the Scrapbook

  • I have used a thin copper wire for binding the Scrapbook
  • The cooper wire has been inserted through all holes from one end
  • After completing the binding, both ends of the copper wire has been tied
  • Extra length of wire of wire on both ends have been trimmed
  • I have also removed the hairpins from the book after binding

Now I have a Scrapbook with different colored pages for organising my projects and ideas

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