Introduction: How to Make a Creative DIY Wall Hanging Using Dry Branches?

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Is your child looking for making a wall hanging for a school craft project? Give him a unique idea of making the wall hanging with the help of dry branches. Yes, this craft is the best idea to make something out of a waste product. Again, the wall hanging would be ready in a fraction of time, which makes it easier.

So, here is what you need to have and the process of making it. So, let's start with it.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Dry branches
  • Acrylic colors (black and brown)
  • Thread (thick)
  • Crepe paper (Green)
  • Color paper sheets
  • Toothpick or stick
  • Glue and pencil
  • Pearl beads

Step 2: Let's Take Dry Branches & Color Them!

  • Take some dry branches of around 5 inches in size. Start with coloring them in dark brown using acrylic colors. Give the branches a black color shading too for a realistic appearance.

Step 3: Let's Wrap the Branches Using Thread!

  • When all are colored, take a thick thread. Apply glue on the end side of the branches and stick or wrap the thread over it. Now take another branch and wrap the thread single time and stick it. Stick all the branches on one side at a particular distance below.
  • Similarly, wrap the other side of the branches using thread and glue to give a ladder like look to the branches. Make sure you leave some thread on the top of the first branch to give the piece a hanging.

Step 4: Let's Make Flowers!

  • Now take some color sheets. Using a pencil, draw a flower on the sheet and give it a proper borderline at a particular distance around 1 inch. Cut out the flower from the cardboard and then cut it from the center too. This would give you a floral strip.
  • Take a toothpick or a stick and wrap the floral strip on it. Stick the end of the strip using some glue. Remove the stick and there you are with a beautiful flower. Make many more flowers in different colors to make your craft colorful.

Step 5: Let's Take Color Sheet!

  • Again, take the color sheets in yellow and red. Cut two thick strips of 1 inch from red and 2 from yellow around half of red. Take a stick and roll the yellow strip on it. Stick the end of the strip.

Step 6: Let's Cut the Red Strips!

  • Now take the red strips and using a scissor, give one side of the strip some cutting to give it a fluffy look.

Step 7: Let's Make Different Color Flowers!

  • Apply glue on the red strip and place the yellow rolled strip inside the red strip. Roll or wrap the yellow ball with the red strip. Stick the end and open up the cut out fluffy strips on the outer side. This would give you small floral like pieces. Make many more with different colors.

Step 8: Let's Stick Flowers & Leaves!

  • Now take the attached branches and stick the flowers using glue on the branches. Firstly, randomly stick the big flowers on the branches, or form a zig-zag pattern.
  • Now take a crepe paper in green. Fold it and cut several leaf shape papers from it. Stick one or two leaves beneath the flower on the branches randomly.

Step 9: Let's Decorate Using White Beads!

  • Take some white beads and stick them in the center of the flowers for a decorative touch. Also, stick the beads in the center of the small flowers. Stick two small flowers on the opposite side of the big flower on the branches. Lastly, stick the remaining small flowers randomly over the branches.

Step 10: Conclusion

So, how beautiful and quick it was! Such decorative items give the walls a fantastic look. Again, the people having a garden like an area in the balcony mostly use such decorative pieces on the walls out there for additional decoration. Let us know how have you designed your wall hanging.