Introduction: How to Make a Drawer Organizer

in this instruct-able i will be showing you how to reuse/recycle left over card board or shoeboxes to organize your drawers


cartoon box or shoe box


Glue gun or anytype of glue

Step 1: Purpose of the Project

Step 2: Steps

now this depends if you are reusing a shoe box or card-boards.

in case you are reusing card-boards i would recommend you to measure the dimensions of your drawer and according to that change the size of your box.

if you are using an old shoe box the only thing you need to do is adjust its height according to your drawers height and then add the barriers as you like depending on how many slots do you need.

use the glue gun to glue the barriers to the walls of the box to make them stable.

Step 3: Result

Finally you can enjoy organizing your drawers.

as you can see there is a big difference between and organized drawer and an unorganized one.

so stay home and stay safe and make sure you make the most of whatever you have at home.