Introduction: Sponge Functions

In this instructable i will show you how to change the function of a sponge and how to add/enhance the function of a sponge.

The main idea of this project is to use objects available at home instead of going outside and buying objects to perform certain functions.

in this project i will introduce a keyboard wrist rest for gamers.


- sponge

- double sided tape

- UHU multi function glue

- cutter/scissors

- a piece of card board

Step 1: We Will Start With the Wrist Rest

you will need to get a sponge and a cutterr

Step 2: Cut the Corners

Step 3: Hold the Sides of the Sponge

hold the sides and cut the middle part of the sponge you want to extract

Step 4: Glueing Everything Together

now get a piece of cardboard that is cut according to your preference.

the width should be as big as the sponge, but the length depends on your preference the longer and larger your hand is you can make it longer vice versa.

apply the glue and leave it to dry

Step 5: Now Add Double Sided Tape(Optional)

now you add the double sided tape to the other side of the card board to stick it to your keyboard.

this is optional, if you dont want to have the wrist rest stable you can keep it free and move it as you wish

Step 6: Enjoy!!!!

now place the cardboard under the keyboard and enjoy your experience with extra comfort.