Introduction: How to Make a Drill Power Water Pump - Step by Step

Make your own Homemade water Pump using drill Machine.

Step 1: List of Materials

1. White acrylic sheet

2. Metal sheet

3. PVC pipe

4. Ball bearing

5. Bike Tyre tube

6. Nuts and bolt

7. Drill Machine

Step 2: Cut the Acrylic Sheet

give the shape of centrifugal pump and also cut the round shape for inner propeller.

Step 3: Attach PVC Pipe to Acrylic Sheet

using hot air gun, mold the PVC pipe and fix it to one part of acrylic sheet

Step 4: Attach Ball Bearing to Acrylic Sheet

Step 5: Cut the Metal Sheet

Make the propeller blade using metal sheet, attach six blade to round shape acrylic sheet and attach hole propeller to water pump

Step 6: Make the Arrangement for Inlet

Make the arrangement for Inlet and joint whole part togther

Step 7: Make the Arrangement for Outlet

Step 8: Connect Drill Machine to Water Pump

Step 9: Water Pump Is Ready to Use

Step 10: Https://