Introduction: How to Make a Huge 3D LED Sign Board for Less Than 10$

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In the next few days I'm going to complete the transition to my new workshop. Now more than ever it's time to put some color into the frame of my camera. This is Halas, not another ruin. Now my workspace is going to be a lot more fun, cozy and most importantly practical! In honor of moving to the new workshop, I made a video showing how you can build a huge, three-dimensional illuminated sign with your logo or business name. Most of all, the cost of this does not exceed 10$.

Step 1:

Take a Expanded Polystyrene board and draw your letters on it. Then cut them very carefully with a sharp knife as much as possible.

Step 2:

After cutting their lettering edges will be rough for you to smooth them with gentle polishing and short movements so that material does not fall apart.

Step 3:

Now that all the letters are ready you can start painting them. Must use water-based paint only. Preferably acrylic paint.

Step 4:

I wanted my sign to be special so I had to put some life into it with the help of LED bulbs that I installed from the later of the board on which the letters I created earlier.

Step 5:

Before I pasted the letters I made on the board, I first pre-painted the board with a good contrast to the letters, a color that would highlight the letters and chose a dark gray color. After drying completely, I glued the letters on the board with acrylic glue.

Step 6:

This is the end of the project, there is no doubt that the result is amazing and unique. I really like it. I'm going to hang this sign on the wall in my new workshop.

Step 7:

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