Introduction: How to Make a Paper Flower(Origami Tulip)

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In this instructable I demonstrate how to make a beautiful paper flower(Origami flower).

You just need two A4 sheets in different colors. This can be made by single A4 sheet but it's beautiful when using different colors.

Kids can follow this video and easily make this beautiful flower.

Step 1:

Step 2: Things You Need

A4 sheet - 2(In different colors)


Step 3: Take the A4 Sheet

Step 4:

Fold the Piece of Paper to Get Square Shape Piece

Step 5:

Fold the bottom part to top until it meets the square part

Step 6:

Tear the paper using ruler to make paper square

Step 7: Now You Have a Paper Square

Step 8:

Then pick up the top corner and match it up with the bottom corner. And do the same for other side.

Step 9:

Then make a 3D triangle looking shape by pressing middle part to the center

Step 10:

Then fold the left and right corners to the top

Step 11:

Do the same for other side of the paper, Then you'll get square shaped paper

Step 12:

Then insert right side corner in to the left side pocket

Step 13:

And do the same for other side,Then you'll get flat looked flower bud

Step 14: Let's Make the Stem of Flower

Fold the paper and make another square, But this time use small rectangular part to make the stem.

Step 15:

Take a corner of the sheet and roll it to make paper roller or straw

Step 16: Let's Bloom the Flower

Gently blow from your mouth to the small hole under the flower to bloom the flower. Now you have 3D flower bud.

Step 17:

Then take the paper stem and insert it into the hole you blow the air

Step 18: Blooming the Petals

Now bloom the 4 petals of the flower one by one

Step 19: Now You Have a Origami Lotus

Step 20: Add the Flowers to a Vase

Make two or three flowers and put into a vase.

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