Introduction: How to Make a Paper Tote Bag

You can make stylish Tote Bags with old magazine papers. Here I made this Tote Bag with glossy paper from an old magazine lying at home. This can be used to carry News papers, Stationary and magazines and looks very elegant.

Please go through the instructable on How to make the Tote Bag easily at home

Step 1: Cut Paper

  • Take an old magazine with glossy papers and cut one inch wide strips from it
  • Fold each strip in half and join with glue to another folded piece
  • Now we have a closed strip, which is slightly more than 9 inches in width
  • Make 11 to 12 pieces like this

Step 2: Start Weaving

  • Lay one closed strip of paper on the work surface and insert 9 folded strips in an above and below pattern.
  • In the backside this will be opposite to the front side with below and above pattern
  • Apply glue and stick the strips of paper in proper position
  • You can add 3 pieces of closed strips till we reach end of folded paper, which need to be extended

Step 3: Attach Vertical Strips

  • Attach straight paper strips to each folded paper on both sides with glue and allow to dry
  • Now the vertical strips are extended to the required height of tote bag
  • Continue weaving with closed strips
  • Once you are about to reach the top, measure the bag.
  • The width of the bag is about 9 inches. So we will keep the height of bag as 11 inches
  • Add total of 11 closed strip and finish

Step 4: Fold Vertical Strips

  • All the vertical strips are extending above the top closed strip
  • Fold each strip on opposite direction of its position at top and attach with glue
  • Weaving Our Tote Bag is now complete

Step 5: Attach Handles

  • Take one long strip of paper and fold it on top as shown to make handle
  • Apply glue and attach handles on both sides
  • Glue a long strip of paper on top covering the ends of handles. This will make the handles more strong
  • Allow the glue to dry. Now our Tote Bag is ready

You carry weightless items like news papers, small magazines and stationary in this Tote Bag in style.

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