Introduction: How to Make a Pop Pop Boat

About: My name is Simao and I love eletronics ,glass art,metal working,casting,paint ,draw... But above all... Trains

This little toy is very fun to do and play is fast to build (relative).The mos dificulte part to do is the boiler it needs to be perfect if it didn't the boat can explode(not a big explosion a little explosion ,one time one of my boats have a defect in the boiler ,it light fire and burn all the boat ) .

You need to make a few models for correct the errors and make a perfect boat if you find another way to make the boiler or the boat body please comente and put a photo or a video of the model.


  1. Empty 330ml drink can (aluminium or steel,but steel is best).
  2. Two straws .
  3. Epoxy glue (or epoxy paste or "blu tack",but epoxy is best).
  4. Pair of scissors .
  5. Pliers.
  6. Universal glue (like UHU) .
  7. Hot glue.
  8. Tin.
  9. Lots of water.
  10. Hobby paints (Enamel)(optional).

Step 1: Cuting the Boiler

You need to cut the drink can to make a flat seat of metal,now you have to cut a rectangle with 10,7 cm per 4 cm and into this rectangle draw a sub-rectangle with 10,7 cm per 2,5 cm,now you have the boiler pattern.

Now we have to cut the metal with a pair of scissors around the rectangle.

Turn down the edges and take out the pattern .shift around the midle and cut about two thirds of centimeter.this have to like fig1 if it hasn't make it again.

Step 2: Glue the Boiler.

Now we have to mix the glue in my case 50%+50% (resin+glue),you need to mix the glue very well if it wasn't the project can not result.

Now apply the glue on the edges (fig 3) make press with pliers and let dry (in my case 5 minuts).Pay Attention:don't press a lot because it can broke the metal.

The boiler needs to like fig 5.

Step 3: Glue the Straws.

Wen the boiler is dry open the bottom of the boiler with help of a point of the scissors don't cut anything !

Now cut the point near the fold of the straws about 1 inch ,put some epoxi glue on this pin don't put the glue near the straw hole!

And put it into the boiler like fig7 ,cut the edges(fig6)put more epoxi glue on the edges fold it up and press with the pliers , make this in both sides,let dry.

Step 4: Test the Boiler.

Full a glass of water and put the boiler into this ,now swiz into the straws, make sure that have not bubbles of air getting out of the boiler if it was dry the boiler with toilette paper and put some epoxy glue on it.

Step 5: The Boat Body.

I don't put material for the body because you can make this with many materials:aluminium ,foam ,balsa hood...and many others it is you decide please put on the "Tips"ideas for the body.

It just need to have a hole on the midle.

Step 6: Put the Boiler Into the Body.

Pass the the straws trough the hole on the body ,fold the straws and fix it with a stripe of metal(from the can ).Fix the boiler in the same way.

Step 7: Seal the Bottom of the Body.

Seal the hole with "UHU" or some Hot glue.DON'T put glue near the boiler it is very flammable!(I comete this mistake ,you didn't like the resulte.) .

Step 8: The Cabine (optional)

Another time I don't explain how to make be cause it's you decide..Please comente your cabine.

Step 9: Candle Support.

You can make a support like thi figure or a oil lamp or etanol lamp.

Step 10: Video

Test video.

Step 11: How to Put Water Into the Boiler.

Put the water into the boiler with another straw .Pay attention if the water don't get out of the boilr wen you put this in the water.