Introduction: How to Make a Puppet Penguin Out of Cardboard

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Hi friends, I demonstrate how to make a puppet penguin out of cardboard in this instructable

Step 1: What You Need?

You need following things to make this Puppet Penguin

- Piece of Cardboard
- Poster Color

- Toothpicks

- Strings

- Glue

- Crafts Knife

- Pair of scissor

- Sharp tool

Step 2:

Use the provided template and draw the sketch on the cardboard sheet

Step 3:

Cut out the pieces using a crafts knife or paper cutter

Step 4:

Draw the details of the penguin using a pencil

Step 5:

Color the penguin body and other parts using poster paint

Step 6:

Apply a layer of Chemifix glue on all the penguin parts to get a nice shiny look

Step 7:

Let it dry for a couple of hours

Step 8:

Make holes on hand and leg parts of the penguin using a sharp tool

Step 9:

Make 25 cm long, 4 strings and attach to holes of leg and hand part of the penguin

Step 10:

Add marks to the back side of the penguin and make holes using sharp tool. Be careful in this step not to make holes in front side of the penguin

Step 11:

Make 1.5 cm long 4 small tooth pick pieces

Step 12:

Make 6 small car board pieces and stick to the back side on top and bottom

Step 13:

Put some glue on one side of the small toothpick part and insert into 4 small holes on the back side of the penguin

Step 14:

Attach a string to the top part

Step 15:

Insert the hands and legs to the toothpick parts and apply glue to card board parts

Step 16:

Put glue into the 4 holes on the other side of the penguin using a toothpick and stick it to the other side of the penguin.

Step 17:

Make a knot by gathering 4 string and cut the excess

Step 18:

Now you have a cute penguin puppet. Hold the penguin by top string and gently pull using the below string. Your puppet will move his hands and legs

Step 19:

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