Introduction: How to Make a Ring-bracelet

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this easy bracelet is great for gifts or wearing at parties!

Step 1: You"ll Need:

  • thick thread or stretchy beading cord
  • 15 small faceted beads
  • 9 small rondele beads
  • 5 pearl beads
  • 24 round faceted beads(8 dark blue,16 clear)
  • 2 leaf-shaped beads(light blue)
  • 4 faceted bicone beads(clear)
  • 2cube beads(dark blue)
  • 4 see-through round beads(2 dark blue,2 light blue)
  • 8 see-through tube beads(6 dark blue,2 light blue)

    2 small round faceted beads(dark blue)

    toggle clasp (optional)



Step 2: Step 1.Make the Ring

Cut a piece of cord/thread that measures 37".Take the 15 small faceted
beads & 5 of the small rondelle beads to make this pattern:3 faceted,1 rondelle,3 faceted,1 rondelle, etc. until you have used up all 20 beads.Next,bring both ends of the cord/thread together & slide a pearl bead over the two ends.

Step 3: Step 2.Make the Loop Design

Separate the cord so you have two strands.Take 6
of your round faceted beads(4 dark blue,2 clear) ,2 faceted

bicones,2 tube beads(light blue) & make the
pattern thats circled in red.

Then bring both ends of the cord together & slide on a leaf bead.

Separate the strands.Take 4 more tube beads,2 round faceted beads,2
pearls,and the two small round faceted beads & make the pattern thats circled in yellow

Bring the strands together & add a leaf

Step 4: Step 3: Make the Bracelet

Separate the strands again.With the rest of the beads,make the pattern
that's circled in green.

Slide the toggle clasp pieces on either strand of the

bracelet.Tie three overhand knots on each side(if you're using stretch cord, bring both strands together and tie three overhand knots).

Hide your knot under one of the beads.And that's it,your done!

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