Introduction: How to Make a Simple Paper Plane That Flies Well (The Soldier)

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This is a great distance plane that I call the "Soldier". This will fly straight as long as it is made correctly. My difficulty: Easy. Length: Short

You will need:


Step 1: Type of Paper

First off, grab a sheet of A4 paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) to start. Any color will work, I use different colors to be more creative, but in this I'll use white.

Step 2: Fold Vertically

Fold the paper in half vertically (hot dog style, as some people call it) to make a crease and then unfold. Remember, be as precise as possible.

Step 3: Triangle Folds

After unfolding, take the top left corner and bring it down until it meets with the middle fold. Repeat with the other top corner. It should make two triangles, or one joined triangle, however you see it.

Step 4: Fold It Down

Take the tip of the two triangles and fold it downward until it is about 2 inches away from the bottom. The paper should be a rectangle again and I think it looks like an envelope so take that advice. The tip should still be on the middle crease.

Step 5: Fold the Corners

This is probably the hardest step because it is tough to get it exact. Take the top left corner and bring it towards the middle crease. This time, the top of the paper should have about an inch space from the fold to the middle crease, unlike step 3, where the entire corner comes down. The corner should be also be about an inch from the bottom tip of the point in the previous step. Repeat with the other side. Be as exact as possible.

Step 6: Fold the Tip Up

Take the tip made in step 4 and fold it upward. Do this until you feel it hit the folds from the previous step. This will secure the flaps. Since the brightness makes it hard to see the folds, I will color the fold lines or do a before after from now on.

Step 7: Fold in Half

Fold the paper in half away from you.

Step 8: The Wings

Now, take the top corner that has two layers of paper. Grab only one layer, and bring it down so it meets up with the other side. Do this the entire way down. The end will stick out a little, but that is just how it's supposed to fold. Do the same with the other side.

Step 9: Finish!

Let the wings lift up, try to get them in the middle, not too low and not too high. And you did it! If you successfully made the plane, please hit the "I Made It!" button so I can know how hard it is. Comment if you think this plane is easy, medium, or hard! Remember to keep everything straight and if you have any trouble then comment or use this link: Fold N Fly: "The Stable". This website has multiple exciting planes, but they made this one a little different with the wings but both versions fly well. Happy flying!