How to Make a Wuggle Pet Without a Fun Fill Factory




Introduction: How to Make a Wuggle Pet Without a Fun Fill Factory

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Hi, So yesterday I bought one of these Wuggle pets. Basically they are stuffed toys you can make with a factory,I didn't buy the factory so I knew how to make it like this

Step 1: What Do We Need

-A Wuggle pet kit includes
-Unstuffed pet
Birth certificate
Magic dust
Birth certificate
-Personality cards

Step 2: Stuffing and Magic Dust

So then stuff the animal,We need to use the zipper tool even if we have to use it at the end,The slot is too small to put stuffing. So put the zipper like in picture 2,There must be two holes for the zipper tool

Step 3: Stuffing 2

Open the zipper.Now we need a bowl or something to pour the magic dust in with the stuffing.Put the Stuffing in and pour the dust on it.Mix it and stuff the animal

Step 4: Cards

Push in the cards too as you did with the stuffing.

Step 5: Birth Certificate

Fill in the birth certificate and your done. You can laminate this. I will tell you how to laminate for free

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