Introduction: How to Make an Infinity Mirror

The shade becomes noticeable when two mirrors are placed in front of each

other, creating the seemingly infinite number of reflections known as a mirror tunnel. As light bounces back and forth from one mirror to the next, the mirror's reflective capabilities gradually weaken.

No mirror is perfectly reflecting. Some small fraction of light is always absorbed each time light is reflected. As you can see in the photo, the images get darker, and by the 8th image they are too dark to distinguish. This is caused by light losing energy due to the bounces between the mirrors


Acrylic (3 mm), Mirror (3 mm), Brown Reflective Glass (5 mm), Super Glue, wire, Digital Clock (12 volt),

Power Adapter (12 volt), Glue Gun, Double Sided Tape

Step 1: Making the Structure

Download the Attachment, laser cut the drawing in 3 and 2 mm Acrylic sheets as described in the drawing.

Assemble the cutting pieces with super glue and complete the box for mirror insertion

Step 2: Assembling the Digital Clock

Fix the digital clock in the laser cutting pieces and connect the adapter to the clock

Step 3: Placing the Reflective Glass and Mirror

Placing the reflective glass in the box and mirror on the back cover sheet, remember reflective side face each other. fix the prepared clock unit in the bottom box

Step 4: Final Step

place the led dancing flame candle in between the two mirrors and close the back lid and enjoy it.