Introduction: How to Purl

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In this short article I'll be explaining how you can take advantage of the purl stitch, this is one of the most vital stitches and contributes to the most unique and beautiful patterns, so without further ado, let's get in to it.

Step 1: Step 1

The first step is: casting on
This step is obvious and casting on a few stitches just keeps things simple and you get an idea of what the stitch looks like, so the quantity of stitches is optional.

Step 2: First Step

First of all, you get your needles and form a slipknot, then what you do is cast on a few stitches just to make it easier let's say cast on 7 (whatever you want), the next part is

Step 3:

Step 4: Get Purling!

Once you've cast on some stitches, place the needle in the right hand in front of the left hand needle, as shown on the picture.

Step 5:

Then bring the string that's attached to the yarn round (anti clockwise) and put it Infront of the right hand needle which would leave it in between the needles.

Step 6: Next Part!

Once that yarn is in between the needles pull down the needle and and once you hear the little click of the needles touching the needle should be like next pic , so keep learning!

Step 7: 7

Now the right needle should be placed behind the left, so now you need to slide up the yarn, which would be slowing up the left needle, then slide the yarn off.

Step 8: 8

Now you have slid the yarn off the left needle, you should have created your first purl stitches!, Keep doing this and it should work, sorry if this is unclear and hard to understand, contact me if you're stuck!
Thanks for the support😉👍

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