Introduction: Cute Tiny Hanging Pizza Rock| Hand Painted

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This cute hanging pizza rock will look cool and different, hanging off of a tree branch. Its easy to do and it's unique. It just requires a few things, which you probably already have in your house. So why not do it to cure that lockdown boredom? πŸ•πŸ•


A small triangle shaped rock (easy to find it you look carefully)
Red paint
Yellow paint
A piece of paper
Paint brush
A tree to hang it on!

Step 1: Paint the Whole Face of the Rock Red

This part will act as the tomato later on any typical πŸ• pizza. Time to use the red paint!

Step 2: Cutting Out Pepperonis!

What you need to do now is cut out the tiny circles, as shown on the picture. These are the pepperonis! Its better to use paper than to paint on the pepperonis, as this makes them look alot more realistic.

Step 3: Sticking on the Pepperonis

This is where it starts to come together! Start to stick on the pepperonis that you just cut out, on to the red pizza base πŸ• if your pizza looks like this and you think it looks messy, don't worry, as it dries it looks neater. So just stick the pepperonis to the rock and paint them red.

Step 4: Cheese TimeπŸ§€

With a fresh paint brush apply a few little lines of cheese on the pizza. It does get a little messy! But at least you get a pepperoni and cheese pizza decoration MmmπŸ•πŸ•

Step 5: Leave to Dry πŸ•’πŸ•“βŒ›

Let the pizza dry, then we will do the next step which is putting a loop on the back, I'll walk you through that step and show you the easy way of doing it. Then you can hang it up! πŸ§€πŸ•

Step 6: Applying the Hanger

Get some tape and a bit of string. Once the pizza has dried, Turn it around and form a loop on to the back of the pizza.

Step 7: How to Do It πŸ•πŸ§€

To apply the hanger you need some scissors, a bit of yarn or thick string and a small amount of tape. You then cut the amount of yarn you want to make the loop. You can go for a large loop which means you can hang it on thicker things, such as thicker branches etc. Once you have cut your string to size, get some tape, this has to be strong tape such as duct tape, you can still use normal tape just use double the amount. Once you have got tape and string, you take the string, form a loop with the string and stick it to the middle of the back of the rock. Then it will look like the picture on the next step.⭐

Step 8: What It Should Look Like.

Once the little loop applied to the back, make sure it's strong and once hung up, won't splat off the floor and break!😳

Step 9: Finishing Result! ⭐

The first thing to do is give yourself a pat on the back because now you've got a cute little pizza that you can hang off of... Well everything! It depends what you want to decorate. Some ideas below.⬇️
Tree branch
Drawer handle
Window handle
Some where in the garden
A hook
Anywhere! There's no limit. πŸ€™

Step 10: Thank You

Thanks if you got to this point! And I hope you enjoy painting your own little pizza rock. Let me know if you do! Also, drop a ❀️ and comment.

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