Introduction: How to Recycle Beans Cans and Make NUTS GIFTS - DIY Recycled Crafts

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

For some people it's easier to watch a video than following step by step photos :)

So if you are one of them I hope that this video will help you !

Step 2: Gather Your Suplies.

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Step 3: Empty the Can!

Take a bean can and empty it in a bowl.
Make sure that the beans will end up in a delicious dish and not in the bin :D

Step 4: Take Out the Label.

Step 5: Put Adhesive Tape on the Decorative Paper.

Step 6: Stick It Inside the Can.

Step 7: Stick a Decorative Paper on the Can.

Step 8: It's Time to Decorate It!

  1. Add the jute strip on the can.
  2. Add a butterfly button to it.
  3. Write your message on the tag.
  4. Use a rope to add the tag on the can.

Step 9: Recycle More Cans and Fill Them With Nuts!

Step 10: That's It! You Just Learned How to Make Beautiful Gifts From Ugly Cans :D

Step 11: More Project Videos!

Well now that you know one way to recycle cans and do beautiful gifts with them, perhaps you'll like some of my other crafts :)

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