How to Throw a Playing Card Like a Pro

Introduction: How to Throw a Playing Card Like a Pro

This is a tutorial on how to throw a playing/business card like a PRO. It is pretty easy, but it will take a bit of practice to get it fast and accurate. There are plenty of youtube videos on the internet of people doing insane trick shots and stuff, which you can learn to do with enough practice.


-Deck of playing cards/business cards(you will need a lot, as they can get lost very easily or dented pretty bad as I have found)

-A wide open room(common sense people)

-Yourself -_-

Step 1: The Grip

The grip is pretty basic. All you have to do is hold the card between your first and second fingers and hold the top left corner of the card. Once you have the grip down, all you have to do is curl your wrist like the picture.

Step 2: Pulling the Arm Back

Now you curl your right arm (or whichever hand is holding the card) over the same shoulder, like the picture. Cards aren't thrown like a Frisbee!

Step 3: Throwing the Card

Now snap your arm down and forward and swiftly uncurl your arm and wrist, look at the slow motion vid at the first step, and let go of the card -_-. As I said, this takes practice, and watch the vid a lot if you don't get my written tutorial. Have fun!!!

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    I fixed it only a little while ago, when stubbsonic saw it, i hadn't changed it yet. So it isn't private? I thought I made it public a while ago, but apparently not.


    8 years ago

    A little tip for people that are still having trouble:

    Hold the card very loosely between your fingers. You shouldn't have to actually let go, because the card will just fly out on its own when you throw it.