Introduction: How to Cook the Perfect Meat

You may think that meat is delicious enough, and you can't make it more delicious by cooking it.YOU ARE WRONG.
Let me intrduce you my way of cooking the perfect meat for your family, friends or just yourself.

Step 1: Chosing the Meat

A simple but an important step, I use a local butcher that I trust, the key is you should know we are not cooking fat; we are cooking meat. However, 5 to 15% percent of the meat should be fat depending on your taste.
Also try to choose meats which are not too thick, 1cm is the perfect thickness in my opinion.

Step 2: Marination

Nobody likes a meat which thry can't cut so for a tender meat there is a simple marination technique.
Put your meat in a container and pour milk until your meat is fully covered.
Lock it up and let it wait for 24 hours in your fridge.

Step 3: Speacial Sauce

Take desired amount of butter and let it smoothen in room temperature.
When it becomes smooth add the spices you want (I prefere red pepper, thyme and cumin).
Let the mixture cool down in the fridge.

Step 4: Preparation for Cooking

Take your meat out of milk and put it on a plate let it stay there for 5 minutes: excess milk will get out.
Then add some black pepper and salt.
Pour a little OLIVE OIL to your pan and with the help of a tissue paper be sure it every part is civered with oil.

Step 5: Cooking

Let you pan heat for 3 minutes in full heat.
Put your meat on the pan and until one side is fully cooked don't do anything, then turn it and let the other side cook. (Still full heat this is important as it will keep the juice of meat inside and make the meat tender.
Cut 4 garlics as rounds and add them to the pan.
With a knife cut Xs on each side of the meat. Turn the heat to low heat and close the top of the pan in order to let the inside of the meat cook.
Check and turn the meat frequently. When the meat is cooked:
-you can check it by looking through the cuts it shouldn't be too red but a little pink is fine. DON'T OVERCOOK YOUR MEAT it will ruin all the taste.
Open the top of the pan and pour the excess water.

Step 6: Preparing the Onions

You can put other vegetables as well but I don't really like mixing the taste of my meat so I will only use onions.
Cut two onions as cirles.
Put OLIVE OIL to your pan, this time not just a little.
Turn your oven to full heat and put the onions.
When all rings are separeted and its colour turned to brown you can take them.

Step 7: Serving

Put your desired spices on the meat (Again I hate spices covering the flavour of meat so I only add half table spoon of thyme, cumin and red pepper).
Put the special butter sauce that you have prepared in Step 3 on the meat.
I also put some fresh mint leaves.
Put your caramelised onion on top or next to you PERFECT MEAT.

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