Introduction: Olive Oil Instead of Sun / Bronze Skin Creams

So the Summer came, and every women - and some men- have only one dream: Having a bronze skin. Many can spend a lot of money for buying chemicals for bronzing their skin tone as they believe this is making them hotter.

However, there is a cheaper and safer way of getting a bronze skin and protecting from harmful sunlights. Yes, it is olive oil.

Step 1: Materials

There is only two things that you will need:
-10 to 50 ml of olive oil depending on your size (It doesn't need to be the highest quality but a trusted one is better.)
-A piece of fabric, tissue paper or cotton

Step 2: Just Cover Your Body With Olive Oil

Just get a piece of fabric or tissue paper and let it suck the olive oil.( Also you can use a cotton.) Then, rub your skin with olive oil until you feel its moisture on every part of your skin.

Step 3: Conclusion

This method will help you to get a bronze skin faster, even faster than those chemicals, and also by the moisture it is providing to your skin you will not get sun burned. (Friendly Reminder: Still do not go outside during the times it is too hot and shiny.)
Okay, I admit it is not the coolest way of getting a bronze skin. But it is both cheaper and not killing you like other creams. After you get bronzed without getting sunburned with the help of olive oil you will also be more durable to sun.

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