Introduction: Perfect and Refreshing Mojito

There is a lot of cocktails in the world, but summer reminds me only one of them:Mojito.
If you ask why? The answer is simple it is cool.

Step 1: Ingredients

For 3 small glasses:
-Some fresh mint
-3 shots of white rum (Bacardi will be fine but I prefere Havana Club)
-3 lemons
-2 tea spoons of brown sugar (Most people like it with 4 or 5 tea spoons of white sugar, but I like the taste of brown sugar and lemon so its your choice)
-Half cup of cold water or mineral water (I prefer mineral water)

Step 2: Fresh Mint and Sugar

Wash the fresh mint and put in a jar then put two tea spoons of sugar into it.
Take your muddler or a spoon and squeeze the mint and sugar together until the moisture of fresh mint is mixed with sugar.
Don't be lazzy this step is too important for the taste of your Perfect Mojito.

Step 3: Squeezing the Lemons

Take 3 lemons and cut them in half then squeeze them.
Pour lemon juice and your half cup water/ mineral water into the jar and stir well. (I mean really well flavor of mint and lemon must mix.)
Put the mixture in fridge for a while.

Step 4: Preparing the Ice

Take some ice( not too much because you don't want ruin your drink).
Then blend them, not too much. It is one of the keys of perfecting your mojito: Crushed ice is better then cubed ones.

Step 5: Serving

Put the ice into glasses. Then pour your drink, also add the fresh mint to the glass. Finally, cut a lemon in half and cut rings from one half, cut it from circle to center and attach it to the glass.

Step 6: Last Words

You can increase the amount of ice by decrasing the amount of mineral water.

Or if you want a drink with more alchol add another shot instead of mineral water.

If you want a non-alcohol mojito add 1 and a half cup of mineral water instead of rum.

Last but not least, try it with black rum it gives a different flavour.
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