Introduction: How to Draw a Face

In this instructable I will tell you step by step how to draw a face.This might sound hard but when you break it into tiny little steps it is pretty easy.

Step 1: Matierials

you will need a pencil paper and your hands. you will also need patience. 

Step 2: Shape

The first thing you will need to do is draw an outline. Basically draw a head shape as light as you can.  it should look something like an upside down rounded triangle. Don't spend too much time on this because you will go back and edit it again.

Step 3: The Nose

First draw an oval. Then draw two more ovals with craters on them.Darken the craters. now draw two lines coming up from the first oval. from there draw to more lines coming out at 90 degree angles.

Step 4: The Eyes

now draw two lines around the second set of lines. This sounds harder than it is. Look at the picture. now draw circles inside the draw the iris. Its just a little black circle. draw little squiglys around the iris and the outside of the eyeball. darken the edges. (i revised the shape of the head twice around here.)

Step 5: The Ears

The ears should reach from the eyes to the nose. draw ear shapes. (Sorry I cant really explain what an ear looks like) Then draw a hook inside the ears. Draw two lines coming down from the hook (i skipped a little so ignore the shading for now.

Step 6: Shading

Now for the dreaded shading. shade basically where it shows in the picture. My shading technique is draw some lines then smudge them with my finger. The result leaves your fingers really messy but it adds a lot to your drawing. Then finally darken all the lines and add the eyebrows (which are a bunch of little lines making one big line.)

Step 7: Conclusion

have fun and be creative. Also you may want to find a tutorial on drawing hair because i cannot draw hair at all.