Introduction: How to Make Earring Hoops in 2 Ways

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I would like to show you how to create the earring hoops in two ways, one without a bail and one with a bail., similar to the bricks stitch earrings I created. Choose how you would want your earring hoops to be, get ready with a pair because I'll be sharing soon how to weave my brick stitch earrings using any of these earring hoops.

Materials & Tools:
18 or 20 ga wire
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers

Step 1:

Depending how big you want your earring hoops to be, cut a 20ga wire and using your nose pliers make a loop at one end.

Step 2:

Using a round object, a mandrel or a spool shape the wire into a circle.

Step 3:

Using the tip of your flat nose pliers, bend the tip of the wire and cut off excess wire.

Step 4:

You can slide in a bead and insert the tip of the wire back to the loop. You're done!

Step 5:

If you want the earring hoops with a bail, rather than bending the wire in Step 3, wrap the wire just below the loop then cut off excess wire. You're done! You now have your earring hoops with a bail.

I have published a PDF file available for the earring hoops without a bail and you can download it with this LINK