How to Make a DIY Snow Globe




Introduction: How to Make a DIY Snow Globe

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For secret Santa this year, team sugru all made each other presents that used sugru. Nassima made one of the best with this beautiful snow globe!

So here's our sugru take on the classic snow globe.

For this project you will need:
- 1 mason or jam jar (with lid)
- spray paint
- red and yellow paint pens
- water & glycerin
- glitter
- some christmassy bits and bobs for decoration
(we've used our Tubby Lego sugru Santa and a bottle brush for the tree)
- x2 minipacks of white sugru

Step 1: Make the Tree

- We cut down a small bottle brush to create the basic shape of the tree.

- Spray painted it a nice shade of festive green.

- Then using red and yellow paint pens, we coloured the tips of the tree to look like baubles.

Step 2: Attach Your Christmassy Bits & Bobs

- Next use one minipack of white sugru to attach the bits in place to the lid of the jam jar.

- Use a third of the minipack to attach your Santa

- Use the remaining two thirds of the minipack to attach the tree.

TOP TIP - sugru will cure under the water! but it if you prefer you can leave it overnight at this stage to fully cure.

TOP TIP - make sure not to stick anything to close to the edge of the lid, as it will stop you being able to screw it shut

Step 3: Mixing the Liquid

- Fill the mason jar with warm water until almost full

- Add a dash of glycerin (it helps make the 'snow' fall slower)

- Add some glitter and stir carefully with a spoon

- Screw the lid shut tightly

Step 4: Sealing Your Snow Globe

TOP TIP - before applying sugru, wipe down the outside of the mason jar to make sure it's dry

- split a mini pack of sugru into two pieces and roll them out into two sausages - each piece should be half of diameter of the jar (it's easier to roll out two smaller pieces than create one long one)

- press the two pieces to seal the join between the lid and the jar

- smooth the sugru with your finger

TOP TIP - use a little soapy water to get a really smooth finish to your sugru

- Leave to cure for a full 24 hours before shaking up a blizzard!

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    8 years ago

    Really nice instructable! I like the idea of using sugru as a seal. I've made one of these before, except it was in organic chem, so we used benzoic acid to make the snow.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    not sure if im correct or not but would adding a dash of bleach keep it clear in the long run? im curious if that would work or not


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi nightninja87, I think you could be right there but it you could risk bleaching the colour out of your Chrismassy figures if there is too much.