Introduction: How to Make Simple Curtains

Here is a tutorial on a simple pair of gathered tape curtains. I made these for my mums holiday home. 
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Step 1: Cut Out and Hem

Measure your rail length and the finished drop you want your curtains to be. Remember to take into account any pattern repeat. (Seperate tutorial to be posted later)  Add 6"for hems and 2" for top turn down.  Measure fabric twice before you cut.  Press the hem up 3" and Turn in again. Mitre corners. Pin and slip stitch. 

Step 2: Lining

Cut out your lining the same finished length but only adding 4" for the hem and 2" for the top.  Press up hem 2"and over again and machine stitch. Lay on curtain wrong sides together with the stitch lines matching. Fold in the lining sides so half an inch from the edge. Pin up sides and slip stitch all the way up sides.

Step 3: Header

Measure up from the bottom and turn down the tops. Press in place. Lay header tape on. Remember to tie off one end and use this on the inner edge. Leave the open ties on the outer edge. Machine in place. 

Step 4: Finished

Gather tape on each curtain to half the pole width pluss a couple of inches for overlap.  Put in your hooks and hang.

Pelmet tutorial at a later date