Introduction: How to Make This Beautiful Saw-mark Necklace (for Less Than One Dollar)

In this tutorial I will show you how to make this beautiful necklace.

The whole material used in this tutorial costs about 40cent if you have to buy it!

So let's start!

Step 1: The Material You Will Need

To build this necklace I used a scrap piece of apple wood I found in my garage and a leather necklace.

Total costs:

  • Apple wood - Free
  • Leather necklace - 7€ for 30 pieces on amazon! (24cent per piece!)
  • A little bit of beeswax polish - 8€ for 750ml (ca. 10cent per necklace is needed)

So you end up with almost no cost to make this necklace!

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

You will need a drill, a saw of some kind and sanding paper and a polish you like, I used some beeswax polish.

I used a drillpress, a bandsaw and my beltsander to make this necklace because I have the tools already, but you can get the same results with hand tools. But it will take a bit longer... I made the necklace in about half an hour.

And when you work with power tools wear you safety equipment! -Tools can be dangerous!

Step 3: Cutting Out the Shape at the Bandsaw

To get the texture on the front I just pushed the wood very fast trough the bandsaw, so the piece gets a lot of saw marks which look great.

Be sure to use a pushstick for safety!

Then I cut the piece in half to get the final size (about 1cm x 3cm).

Step 4: Drill a Hole

The next step is to drill a hole trough the side of the piece.

I used a 4mm drillbit to do this. It is important to drill a hole big enough to get the leather band trough later!

When drilling the hole I clamped the work piece in a vise. I used some tape to protect the piece from the clamping jars.

Step 5: Sanding Off the Edges

Now it gets to the sanding.

I used my beltsander with 80 grid sandpaper to sand of the edges and give them a nice curve.

Also I sanded the piece a bit thinner while making sure not to sand the side with the nice saw marks.

Step 6: A Lot of Handsanding

After roughly sanding piece I starter sanding by hand, working my way up from 120grid, 240grid, 600grid and finally 1000grid sandpaper.

Being careful not to sand the side with the saw marks.

Except from the side with the saw marks your piece should be really smooth now.

Step 7: Finishing With Beeswax Polish

Now it is time to finish the piece by using some beeswax polish and a clean piece of fabric to work the wax into the wood.

Let the wood suck the polish in for some minutes and then put some more until the wood doesn't change it's color anymore.

Then rub of the excess beeswax with a piece of fabric.

Step 8: Putting the Leather Necklace Through the Hole

The final step is to put the leather band trough the hole in the wooden piece.

Some pliers help a lot if the dimensions are very tight fit.

And your done!

Step 9: Enjoy Your Necklace!

Now you can enjoy what you have just made.

You can give it to someone you like or wear it your self (or make some money on Etsy with it!).

I hope you like this little tutorial, I am new to instructables and will publish a lot of jewelry tutorials in the future so stay tuned!