Introduction: Huggable BB-8

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I was both scared and excited when Star Wars episode 7 was coming out 2015. Scared because Disney bought Lucasfilms. I did NOT want a song (with lyrics) in the movie. My worst nightmare would be Darth Vader singing let it go or something crazy like that. I was excited to see the old cast again especially Harrison Ford (he's my hero). Seeing the movie, I fell in love with BB-8 and I had to make a huggable version of him.

Step 1: Supplies

~Needle and Thread
~Dark Gray Fleece
~White Fleece
~Orange Fleece
~Black Fleece

Step 2: The Head

Bottom of the head
Cut out two circles. One out of cardboard and one out of white fleece.

Top of the head
Cut out four half leaf shapes. Sew all of them together and cut slits at the end. Turn inside out and sew together the bottom and the top of the head.

Step 3: The Body

Cut out four leaf shapes out of white fleece. Sew the leaves together and cut slits at the end (so when stuffed the sphere will come out with a better shape). Turn inside out and stuff.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut out four circles, one big eye, one small eye, three gray strips and four small orange squares.

Take one of the gray strips and fold in half. Sew both ends together and attach to the head.

Step 5: Sew or Hot Glue

Sew or hot glue the pieces you just cut onto BB-8 body.

Step 6: Finished

Tada! Now you can have a Star Wars marathon with your BB-8! Hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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