Introduction: DIY Hydraulic Labyrinth

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We've all seen Classic Labyrinth Games. When we see them now, they seem quite boring. So we are going to make a HYDRAULIC LABYRINTH. Sounds good, Right ? You can find the 3D designs on the Tinkercad Links below. So people Let's get started.

Step 1: Gather the Materials Required

We need very cost-effective materials for this Project. The list of the materials is below -

  1. 10ml Syringes { 5ml will also work but better to use 10ml } (X8)
  2. Flexible Pipe { Diameter about 3 mm } (2 meters)
  3. Cardboard { My all time Favorite Material }

Some tools are also required for this project

  1. Hot Glue Gun
  2. X-acto Knife
  3. Scissors

Step 2: In the Making of the Maze.....

Now we are going to make the maze using Cardboard. In the images, I've provided a Sample Layout if you need or you can draw your own customized Layout too {Creativity has no Limits}.

You can also 3D print your maze by clicking on the following link - MAZE 3D. I couldn't 3D print because I don't own a 3D printer

Steps for making the cardboard maze

  1. Draw the Maze on a cardboard and form the borders using thin cardboard sheets
  2. Glue them securely and our maze is ready to Rock 'n' Roll

Step 3: Get Your Hydraulics Ready

    Do see the image above for identifying the Plunger and Barrel [Parts of Syringe]

    1. Take 4 pieces of Flexible pipe (2 short and 2 long)
    2. Take the syringes
    3. Reach the washbasin
    4. Attach one end of the pipe to one syringe
    5. Take out the Plunger of the Syringe and Fill it with water until water reaches the other end of the pipe
    6. Fill another syringe and attach it to the next end of the pipe
    7. Remove the Previous Syringe from the pipe. Let all the air and water out of it and fully insert the Plunger.
    8. Attach this syringe to the Pipe and our Hydraulic System is ready

    Try pressing one end of the syringe and the other end will go up

    Repeat this for other syringes also

    After this your will have 4 Hydraulic Systems

    Step 4: The Final Step

    1. Attach the syringe with shorter pipes adjacent to each other on the corners of the maze and the ones with longer pipes on the other 2 corners.
    2. Arrange the remote syringes according to your preferences in a box or zip-tie them

    Now our maze is ready and you can play with it. Click on the link to see how your Labyrinth should look like

    1. Place a marble on the start point
    2. Use the syringes to control the tilting of the Labyrinth
    3. Reach the End

    I hope you Enjoyed (^ᴗ^) . Feel free to ask any questions regarding this project. Comment down below, what are your reviews about this project.

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